1st XI Match Report (a) -v- Balbriggan – Division 2

by Conor Dillon

The rumours were growing in the West Indies that Jeffrey Dujohn had become the first West Indian test player to play for Phoenix since Kirk Edwards and it took some time to persuade them that Jeffrey Dudgeon was a bona fide Aussie. Philip Caldwell and Amit Battan dropped out of the side after the defeat at Malahide with Jonathan Wardell and Adam Chester both available and selected. Captain Ford knew that Balbriggan would be out for revenge after the defeat three weeks previously but he lost the toss and the home skipper opted to bat first. The eleven who took the field for Phoenix on a hot day were Captain David Ford, wicket keeper Jonathan Wardell, Coach Richie Lawrence, Coach Emmanuel Peterson, Jeffrey Dudgeon, Rory Anders, M D Masud Ahmed, Thomas Anders, Kaleem Sheikh, Ben White, Adam Chester.

Malcolm Byrne and Duane Harper faced up to the new ball pairing of the Anders brothers with Thomas breaking the opening stand in the 5th over as Duane Harper was caught by Wardell. Byrne and Farokh proved to be a little more durable as a partnership and they took the innings past the first of two breaks for drinks until Byrne was bowled by the first ball of Lawrence’s fourth over. Farokh carried on hoping to reach his century and although the contributions from Ahmed and A D Harper were not likely to enthuse the home support Anwar probably illustrated his full repertoire with an innings of 58 and coming in at number 8 Faheen made a useful 25 not out. Former Phoenix player Colonel Sadaf Raza hit a boundary. The wickets went mainly to the spin bowlers with Masud taking 4-46, Lawrence taking 2-30 and White 1-36. The innings closed on 236.

Dudgeon continued as number 1 in the order with Chester at number 2 but the Dubliner was bowled by Farokh for 1. Dudgeon got to 22 with four boundaries and six singles but then he fell to Farokh with Ahmed taking a catch. The next half hour saw a good effort by Rory Anders and Richie Lawrence but the stand ended at 44 when Anders was caught by Ahmed bowled Kear for 36. Most of the Phoenix batsmen got a start but no one went on to make 50. Lawrence and Peterson both made 17, Masud Ahmed got just 4, Thomas Anders got 22, Captain Ford was run out on 20, Kaleem Sheikh revived Phoenix’s hopes with a contribution of 36 and after White hit two boundaries to bring the target in reach he holed out with Phoenix 9 runs short of victory and forfeiting the last eleven balls of the innings. Kear was the leading bowler for the home team with 3-18.

Bowling: Masud Ahmed  4-46
Batting: Rory Anders 36, Kaleem Sheikh   36