Top Wicket Taker race goes down to the wire!

The hottest contest at the club this season has been the race for the wicket taking title. There have been many fine bowling performances dotted throughout the year with 21 entries on the Honours Board so far. So as we go down to the final weekend for some but, crucially, not all how is the race shaking out at this late stage? Let’s have a look!

Phoenix Cricket Club
– Top Wicket Takers
# Name Overs Maids Runs BBowl Econ Avg Wkts
1 M Gibson-McKenna 96.1 13 404 5-23 4.20 12.24 33
2 J Anders 90.2 13 303 4-13 3.35 10.45 29
3 J Steenkamp 107.2 15 375 6-39 3.49 13.89 27
4 D Ford 80.4 7 391 5-36 4.85 16.29 24
5 T Anders 129.0 12 510 3-20 3.95 23.18 22
6 A Joseph 97.1 12 352 3-17 3.62 16.76 21
7 B White 102.0 9 392 4-25 3.84 18.67 21
8 W Clarke 70.3 9 285 5-7 4.04 14.25 20
9 S Shah 67.4 9 213 5-11 3.15 13.31 16
10 C Kelly 62.2 13 239 4-23 3.83 17.07 14

Hollywood McKenna still leads the way after he racked up a massive 8 wickets last weekend. After taking 5 for against Mullingar in the Park he followed that up with 3 away to Rush in Kenure the very next day. He might have thought that would have been enough to keep him free and clear but old Golden Arm Anders didn’t let up the chase taking 4 for 13 against Dundalk to steer the Fifth XI clear of relegation.

Jan managed 3 wickets against the Division 2 champions, Pembroke, to pull further clear in the First XI standings and stay in contention overall. Hopefully he can bag another three, at least, and reach that 30 wicket mark for the season to close out.

The Dark Knight rises to 4th in the standings as David Ford took another 3 wickets at the weekend to keep his prolific season with the ball ticking along nicely as he currently stands on 24 wickets for the season.

Back in the pack Aaron, Willie and Ben have all gone past the 20 wicket mark showing that they have had consistent seasons and chipped in with wickets at regular intervals. Willie in particular has been on a tear of late.

Club newcomer, Sayed Shah, has wasted no time making his mark either with 16 scalps since joining the club mid season and finally Polly rounds out the top 10.

Best bowling of the year, so far, has gone to Jan who took a crucial 6 for 39 against Leinster in the park in a very narrow victory that was the difference between gaining promotion and missing out.

Sayed has been the stingiest of the top 10 bowlers so far this season with an economy rate of 3.15. Meanwhile it is John who has been buying them more cheaply than anyone at the club with an average of 10.45 per wicket.

So who will be top dog come the end of the season? 4 wickets is a decent lead for young Hollywood. However he is part of the Second XI side that travels to Pembroke needing to win to make sure of safety from the drop. With Fordy, Ben and Sayed all in the side as well there is plenty of wicket taking potential and none of the bowlers are guaranteed any kind of haul.

Which leaves Golden Arm in the driving seat despite trailing by 4 wickets because he has the luxury of having 4 games left to play this season. He will line out for the Fourth XI away to table toppers Sandyford on Saturday before resuming action for the Fifth XI against Merrion in the Park on Sunday. He also has a double header for the Fourth and Fifth XI’s the following weekend to finish the season.

We’ll see how it all pans out after this weekend and next and we will recap the seasons stats for each team and how it all broke down once the dust has settled on the season.

Best of luck to all our players and teams this weekend and if it is your last chance for a hit or a bowl this year then make the very most of it!