4th XI v Carlow – 21/5/2017

The Phoenix 4th XI campaign continued in the Park against a much fancied Carlow 1st XI last Sunday.

The Phoenix team was Stephen Black, Raj, Evan Chester, Arsalan Mehmood, Ijaz Ahmed, new member Syed Raza, Theo Dempsey, Aidan Chester (c), Monjur Ahmed, Harry Fay and Zafarullah Mohommed.

(Editors note:- Willie Clarke pulled out of the team late the night before due to the death of his mother. For this Willie, we were truly sorry and we look forward to welcoming you back to your team in due course)

On a grey day in Phoenix The Admiral called correctly to take his “tossers” streak to 3 from 3 and he had no hesitation in fielding first again.

Zafar decided to open the bowling with the wind bowling from the Magazine Fort end with Theo opening at the other end.

Carlow are a very aggressive side and from the off they set about hitting boundaries of as many balls as possible. This really tested youngster Theo as anything he bowled good or bad went over the boundary rope. In fairness theres not much you can do in the face of swinging bats and Theo never let his head go down.

The first wicket fell on 56 with Zafar clean bowling Butt for 35. Monjur was on now and he was immediately posing dangers to the Carlow batsmen. On 74 he trapped Trisha for 29 and then he bowled Chisti to leave Carlow 79-3.

The batting lineup for Carlow was relentless however with Aseem swinging at everything- The Admiral was a bowler short but he switched things around to try and keep the runs down. The run rate at drinks was over 6 an over and Carlow were eyeing a score of close to 300 particularly as we were playing with a small boundary in front of the clubhouse.

After drinks, Phoenix fought back. Perhaps not with wickets but Ijaz was in full swing at this stage and bowled a couple of tight overs and suddenly Phoenix were stringing dot balls together despite Carlow still swinging at anything that moved!

On 153, Monjur claimed another wicket bowling Mahmood to finish his spell with 9 overs 3-47.

Theo was back on now and both he and Evan decided enough was enough- he was going to go for a few runs but he wasn’t going to make it easy!

Both of the youngsters planned and schemed for every ball to try and frustrate the Carlow batsmen and it worked. Slower balls, yorkers, slow half trackers, quicker balls it didn’t matter as Theo went through his reportoire and Carlow got frustrated quickly!

Azeem holed out to give Theo his wicket and Carlow were starting to go backwards at 195-5. Sunny was also bowling well and when The Admiral swapped his ends he got into the wickets bowling Ali and Raza cheaply.  All of a sudden Carlow were running out of overs at 245-8 and when Zaf bowled top scorer Akeem 300 was not going to be reached. The end came quickly and with a bit of a whimper and Carlow were all out for 252 in the 43rd over.

The bowling figures were Zaf 3-40 ,Ijaz 0-31 off 9, Sunny 3-63 and Monjur 3-47 off 2. Special mention for Theo who took 1-66 off 8 overs. While the figures don’t look good The Admiral felt he stuck to his guns in the face of an onslaught. His second half performance was very good and helped the second half of the innings only go at just over 4 runs per over thus keeping Carlow to 252- to the “experts” that had gathered most felt that the score was 30 runs short at the very least.

The Admirals summary at half time was “a great effort backing up the bowlers faced with ultra aggressive batting and a small boundary – let’s get the runs”.

The motivation speech wasn’t required as a little unfairly Carlow were cheering in the dressing room thinking the job was done which only helped the Phoenix lineup put the task in perspective!

Stephen and Ijaz got the Phoenix reply under way. Ijaz played around a straight ball when the Phoenix score was 14.

Raj had dropped down the order so that he could “feel” the positivity and it worked. It only takes one shot for the good feelings to come back and he looked the class act we know he is and both he and Stephen got stuck into the task at hand. Stephen looked good as both he and Raj got Phoenix over 50. He was unlucky to smoke one straight to square leg. 53-2.

Sunny joined Raj who moved the Phoenix score along steadily. Carlow were getting uneasy and starting to argue within as slowly the Phoenix score grew. Every over seemed to have a couple of bad balls or more importantly a couple of extras.

Sunny was simply stunning all day- he’s always had the shots but rarely gets them together in the same innings!

When Raj was out for 31 with the score on 137 this brought new member Syed Raza to the crease.

Syed supported Sunny as he passed 50 and the scoring rate started to increase with both batsmen pouncing on bad balls.

Sunny got to his first senior 100 for Phoenix with a couple of boundaries through the covers as Phoenix passed 200.

Syed was out for 21 but Harry Fay came out and ensured there was no hiccups with a breezy 11 to ease Phoenix past 252 in just the 36th over.

Sunny finished on 129 with 18 fours and 1 six.

For Phoenix obviously the plaudits go to Sunny for batting so well but the Phoenix batting lineup were good in the face off a pent up Carlow attack. Carlow bowled 48 extras in the Phoenix innings which didn’t help their cause and you could tell they weren’t happy losing with what they thought was an imposing score.

Thanks also to our own “Mr Cricket” Conor Dillon for scoring – very much appreciated.

Phoenix win by 6 wickets – next up away to Wicklow on Sunday, 28th May.

Aidan Chester

Civil Service v 4th XI – 14/5/2017


Congratulations to Sankeerth Karpe on his first Senior Century

Time for a local derby in the 4th XI campaign to avoid relegation from Division 9.

The Phoenix team was Stephen Black, Lineesh R, Evan Chester, Arsalan Mehmood, Ijaz Ahmed, Calum O’Byrne, Aidan Chester (c), Monjur Ahmed, John Anders, William Clarke and Zafarullah Mohommed.

Another blustery day in the Park but the overnight rain had cleared and while there were showers around there was a decent chance of play. The Admiral called correctly to take his tossing streak to 2 from 2 and he had no hesitation in fielding first again.

Willie decided to open the bowling with the wind coming from the right to help his outswinger and inswinger bowling from the Chesterfield Road end!  At the other end Zafar looked to continue his impressive work to date on the 4th XI.  Three balls in and Willie struck bowling Faherty for a duck and a couple of balls later Zafar swooped on a ball at fine leg and Evan Chester was in a perfect position with the gloves to whip off the bails – Service were 1 for 2 after just the one over.

Both Willie and Zafar backed up by solid fielding from their team mates kept things very tight as the overs ticked by as Civil Service tried to get the score going on a very difficult wicket. After 10 overs the score was 32-2 and Willie threw the ball to Ijaz while Zaf bowled his 9 overs straight through (The skipper thinks he’s fit enough to do it!).

Ijaz bowled well to begin and kept scoring very tight. In his second over he bowled Ajay and then next over had another when he bowled Rehan and suddenly Service were 49-4.

The Admiral urged his team on and brought on for his first spell of the year on the 4th XI leg spinner Calum O’Byrne. His instructions to the young spinner was simple – “relax, enjoy and let’s try and get the ball up to the batsmen and see if we can tempt them!”

Calum was up to the task!

Sure, there were a few bad balls but when the Service mainstay Gaurave holed out to a great catch in the deep by Stephen Black off a low full toss Phoenix were well in to the Service tail enders.  A good ball from Calum bowled Cliff and Adamm holed out to a very good catch by Lineesh who was putting on a top class fielding display. Next Ijaz trapped Hassan LBW and Service were tottering at 92-7.

Next, Willie took a steepler at short mid-wicket to give Calum 4 wickets and when Monjur got into the act with a beauty Civil Service were all out for 121.

The bowling figures were Willie 1-16 off 6, Zafar 0-34 off 9, Ijaz 3-20 off 9, Calum 4-37 off 9, Sunny bowled 5 overs for just 5 runs and Monjur 1-4 off 2.

The Admiral’s summary at half time was “a great fielding effort backing up the bowlers on a tough pitch and an even tougher slow outfield”.

Stephen and Lineesh got the Phoenix reply under way. Chasing small totals can be tricky sometimes and we needed to be positive and try to ensure that we  got off to a good start. With the score on 10 Lineesh was bowled and Sunny survived a couple of close calls before being trapped LBW for 7. Phoenix were 26-2.

Ijaz was out next and when Stephen was bowled for 15 Phoenix were stumbling at 37-4.

Sometimes in all the mayhem and noise of a mini collapse some people stand tall and take on the challenge. On this day that person was Evan Chester.

With Monjurs help, Evan blunted the by now vociferous Civil Service attack. Every ball there was an appeal for something. A ball going wide down the leg side had the Service Keeper jumping with hands high in the air claiming a catch. LBW appeals for balls pitching outside leg stump all served to make the atmosphere very tense. In fairness the Civil Service skipper tried manfully to keep his team on the right side of fair but it was hard work!

Undeterred, Evan and Monjur got on with the business at hand. Monjur rotated the strike while Evan defended stoutly but pounced on anything loose. The only “6” of the day was one of the best shots but also a couple of “4’s” down the ground edged Phoenix closer to victory.

Service needed an opening and when Monjur fell for 14, Calum for 7 John Anders for 5 and the Zafar for 1 all of a sudden Phoenix were 114-7. Evan was judged to be LBW for 43 and Phoenix were looking like they were going fall at the final hurdle. 115-8

This left only The Admiral nursing a couple of cracked ribs and everyone’s favourite number 11 Willie Clarke to see if they could get Phoenix over the line.

Needing 7 to win this was not going to be easy as Civil Service were really fired up at this stage- “one more wicket, one more wicket” they cried.

This was a time to be totally “Churchillian” and quote about “battle, bravery , courage, fighting them on the beaches….”

Willie had gone a funny red colour and was having none of it- he was muttering under his breath as he displayed the full range of defensive shots- front foot, back foot it made no difference- he wasn’t going to allow Phoenix fall short.

The Admiral trusted his man and took any singles going knowing that Willie was resolute!

When Willie scooped the ball around the corner over short fine leg the batsmen ran two to tie the score and next ball Willie unleashed a smash down the ground for one and the Phoenix batsmen ran the required single to win the game.

It was a lot tighter than it should be but sometimes it’s more fun (really?) when they go so close to the wire.

The two teams shook hands and trudged off to record their own versions of the days madness!

For Phoenix obviously the plaudits go to Calum and Ijaz for getting us in position to win and especially to “our” Evan for being the only one to stand tall when his teammates needed a performance  but really The Admiral and especially Willie dug deep to see the team home when needed (I’ll do it once a year he said modestly!)

Thanks also to Aidan O’Byrne for scoring – very much appreciated.

Phoenix win by 1 wicket – next up Carlow at home on Sunday

Finally, I just wanted to share this picture of Sankeerth after scoring his first senior ton in our first game of the season – well done Sankeerth – a great knock and more to come!!

Aidan Chester

4th XI v Malahide – 6/5/2017

Men are born for games. Nothing else. Every child knows that play is nobler than work. He knows too that the worth or merit of a game in not inherent in the game itself but rather in value of that which is put at hazard. Games of chance require a wager to have meaning at all. Games of sport involve the skill and strength of the opponents and the humiliation of defeat and the pride of victory are in themselves sufficient stake because they inhere in the worth of the principals and define them. But trial of chance or trial of worth all games aspire to the condition of war for here that which is wagered swallows up game, player, all.

This quote from Cormac McCarthy’s novel Blood Meridian probably says it all about a new cricket season and so it came to pass that the Admiral got to lead the 4th XI as they got their Division 9 league campaign underway against Malahide 4’s in The Park on a cold, windy and bleak Saturday afternoon

The Phoenix team was Raj Gopal, Lineesh R, Sankeerth Karpe, Arsalan Mehmood, Ijaz Ahmed, Calum O’Byrne, Aidan Chester (c), Grant White, John Anders, William Clarke and Zafarullah Mohommed.

There was a gust of Artic wind as the toss was made which somehow managed to blow the coin on the side the Admiral had called and he had no hesitation in fielding first.

The wind was blowing from the Magazine Fort End and it was no surprise when Willie decided to open the bowling with the wind at his back!

At the other end Zafar learnt what it meant to be the “junior pro” on the 4th XI as he faced the prospect of bowling into the wind! The Admiral threw the gauntlet to his bowlers- bowling  outside off stump and the fielders will back you up.! It was going to be a challenge for every bowler with or against the wind!

The “evergreen” Brian Gilmore opened the batting for Malahide and had no hesitation in the first over to run out his partner without facing after a swift piece of work from Ijaz in the gully and an even swifter piece of work by the “equally evergreen” Grant White behind the stumps. Scoring was slow particularly as the both Willie and Zaf had focused on line and length early on. Zaf was unlucky as he bowled with pace all day and should have had a few wickets. Willie teased and tantalised the Malahide batsmen and probably should have had a couple of wickets if the Admiral had been able to hold on to a couple of sharp chances (I’m saying they were sharp and based on the bruising on my ribs this morning that’s what I’m going for!).

Ijaz and Sunny came on next and scoring was still unspectacular. Another quick single and this time Ijaz was behind square on the leg side and again Grant had the bails whipped to leave Malahide 50 for 2 off 15 overs.

At drinks the score had moved onto 83 for 2 which Phoenix were pleased with.

After drinks the Admiral decided to shake things up and brought on Sankeerth and the 100 game man John Anders (the former skipper looked 10 years younger now that the captaincy had been passed on!). Straightaway Golden Arm and the ball swinging which caused a lot of concern for the Malahide bats. Second ball and the Malahide’s Kadan holed out to The Admiral at mid-off 90-3.

Malahide had obviously decide to up the tempo after drinks and a nifty piece of fielding and a direct hot from Zaf had Malahide 92 for 4 almost immediately.

All the while Sankeerth was loosening up and bending his back for an impressive 6 over spell had Gilmore trapped LBW for an excellent 47 and in a space of a couple of overs Malahide had been reduced to 107-5. Another two wickets came quickly – another LBW for Sankeerth  and a good steepling catch by Calum O’Byrne of Sunnys bowlers and the 4’s were in good shape with Malahide 146-7.

The Malahide fight back started with Sean Drumm leading the way. He scored a belligerent 45 backed up by young Ben Askew who finished 16 not out. H Ali came in a slogged his way to 25 with 5 boundaries. Ijaz bowled Sean and Zafar capped a fine personal bowling performance with the wicket of Ali clean bowled with a quick ball.

The Malahide skipper, Howard Askew,  came in at the end and made sure Malahide batted their 45 overs. They closed on 231-9.

From a Phoenix perspective the fielding effort was good for the first 25 overs, the bowlers stuck to their task all day but our fielding was not as good in the last 20 overs. The Admirals summary was “we gifted them 60 runs but 231 was probably still 30 runs short of a par score on a cold but fast Phoenix outfield”.

Sankeerth got 2-24, John 1-48, Arsalan 1-35, Ijaz 1-46 and Zafar 1-33. Willie was unlucky bowling 9 overs 0-31.

The Admiral’s “half time speech” was simple – If we bat our overs we can get over the line!

Raj and Lineesh got the Phoenix reply under way. Raj was going to be positive and try to ensure that we  got off to a good start.  In fairness it was a very positive three minute before Ben Askew bowled a inswinging Yorker and Raj was back to the pavilion bemoaning an inside edge??

Sankeerth and Lineesh pounced on a couple of wide deliveries to get us going.  The pair then set about moving the Phoenix score along with a mixture of positive strokes and sharp running. The run rate never dipped below 5 an over. Lineesh tried one big shot too many and was out for a well-made 26. Arsalan joined Sankeerth who never looked in any trouble. The quick outfield meant that good shots were rewarded all the way to the boundary and Sankeerth kept going. First up he reached his 50 and Phoenix reached 100 runs off 23 overs.

Malahide were wilting under the relentless scoring every over as Phoenix knocked off the runs. Sankeerths innings grew more impressive as the runs accumulated and he reached his first ever senior ton with a fine shot. He finished with 104 (scored off 132 balls with 10 fours). Sunny was playing a patient hand at the other end but between them the put on a partnership of 159 to leave Phoenix on the brink of a good win when both were out leaving Phoenix on 226-4 needing 6 to win with 2 overs to go.

Ijaz and Calum ensured there was no last minute hiccups and the win was secured with an over to spare.

A great performance from Lineesh, Sunny but especially Sankeerth gave Phoenix a 6 wicket win.

A special mention too for our umpires Joe and Ghan who helped the game flow so well and special mention to Golden Arm Anders playing his 100th game for Phoenix- one for the old guys!

Having played with Sankeerth through the years on the 6’s and the 5’s it was an honour for us to see Sankeerths first century- a great knock full of patience and sparkling shots.

Last year’s reports often quoted from some guy called Claudio who had led his team of impossibles to a league win- this year Claudio has left the scene and we seek a new inspiration.

As a lifelong Gunners fan this is easy…..

“If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages.”

Aidan Chester