So we now know how the bowlers have been getting on at Phoenix this season but how have things been going with the bat? The pitches have finally started to harden now after a positive sodden summer so runs should be a little easier to come by between now and the end of the season. But who has been making hay while the wasn’t shining?

As I’m sure most of you have noticed things have been less than stellar with the bat club wide this season. Only six players have passed the 200 run mark. However with most teams having three or four games left, and with the weather improving, there is still time for others out there to fill their boots and make a late charge!

There is a nice mix to the top 10 in total runs scored with three youth players as well as two batsmen in their debut season for the club featuring. Both the skippers of the 1st and 2nd XI’s feature setting a fine example for their team mates and the club in general. The list is as follows

Phoenix Cricket Club
– Top Run Scorers 2012
All matches, All Grades, 28-Apr-2012 to 19-Aug-2012
# Name Inn NO 50s 100s HS Avg Runs
1 T Anders 14 3 86 26.07 365
2 M Ahmed 11 2 1 91* 29.00 261
3 V Vaidyanthan 7 1 1 104 37.14 260
4 H Khan 13 2 89 18.23 237
5 D Ford 11 1 56 20.64 227
6 S Ali 10 2 2 64* 27.00 216
7 R Anders 12 3 40 21.44 193
8 N Shazad 9 3 1 85 31.50 189
9 C Kelly 9 1 1 60 22.38 179
10 M Gibson-McKenna 12 3 2 57 19.33 174

So Tom Anders is our clear leader in runs scored. His current excellent run of form has seen him fly up the rankings with his last three innings. All the hard work he has put in has started to pay dividends as the season reaches crunch time! It’s also good to see Rory Anders feature in the list with Hollywood McKenna finishing out the top 10. Hashmi Khan and Syed Ali have had a very positive impact at their new club and have chipped in with valuable runs. While David Ford shows there he’s far from done as the veteran ranks 5 in the standings.

However batting is a complex art and a complex thing to judge when the disparity in games played so numbers can vary greatly. So that brings us to the question, which players have valued their wicket the most? Who sit atop the list of averages? Were they playing for their team or for red ink?! Never the latter, always the former, of course!

Phoenix Cricket Club
– Batting Averages
All matches, All Grades,  28-Apr-2012 to 19-Aug-2012
# Name Mts Inn NO Runs HS Avg
1 V Vaidyanthan 7 7 260 104 37.14
2 N Shazad 9 9 3 189 85 31.50
3 M Ahmed 11 11 2 261 91* 29.00
4 S Ali 11 10 2 216 64* 27.00
5 T Anders 17 14 365 86 26.07
6 P Nicholson 7 7 1 149 42 24.83
7 M Lunson 8 7 4 71 26* 23.67
8 N Leeuwenberg 8 8 3 116 25* 23.20
9 C Kelly 10 9 1 179 60 22.38
10 R Anders 16 12 3 193 40 21.44

While a few names do crop up again from the first list that is to be expected. The averages list does throw up a few tales of the unexpected, though, as three new names join the fray. Vish takes top spot averaging close enough to 40 with Naeem the only other man over the 30.00 mark.

Pete Nicholson is top of the new names at 6 and he surely could have claimed a few more runs had his jet setting lifestyle not taken him on a holiday or three this year right slap bang in the middle of the season. Head Coach, Matt Lunson, weighs in at 7 and gets to say ‘I told you so’ to all those he’s been preaching to all year. ‘Do as I say and do as I do’ may be his next new mantra. Finally big Nicolaas Leeuwenberg pops up at 8 just a whisker behind the coach. Nicolaas has been the 5th XI’s finisher this season and has had a penchant for doing it with massive straight sixes!

So there you have it. The form batsmen at the minute. Is there anybody out there that can challenge them starting this weekend?