A Taverners team has been in existance at Phoenix Cricket Club since the 1980’s.  The ethos of the team is enjoyment and conviviality both on and off the pitch.  Taverners cricket is played on a 20/20 format with some special rules.  The main ones being:

  • The batsman cannot be out first ball
  • There is no LBW
  • A batsman must retire once his score exceeds 19 runs
  • A bowler may only bowl 2 overs

This allows greater participation for most of the cricketers on the field.  The games can be very competitive but the most important thing is that the game is played in a sporting and friendly manner.  The social aspect of Taverners is very important and the hosting of  visiting teams in the club bar after our games is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Taverners cricket.

A typical Taverner would be over 40 with some experience of cricket in their youth. We have, however, nurtured players who had little or no playing experience.  The Captain always scouting for new blood and has had some success in recruiting parents of  some of the juvenile players in recent years.  If you feel like dusting off the bat and pads and taking to the field again,  Phoenix Taverners is the place for you.

Matches are usually played on Friday nights.  Some of the players have been known to attend net sessions in Phoenix, but this would be the exception rather than the rule!

For further information contact the Taverner Captain,

Alan Maginnis 087 677 4731