After a bit of a delay in scorecards being posted on the LCU site we’ve caught back up with the Phoenix Fantasy Cricket standings. It was a bit of an effort to track back through all the e-mails and a task more suited to someone who is better with numbers but we got there in the end.

There has been quite a bit of change in the standings over the last few weeks. It should be noted that anyone not getting their picks in on schedule for a given week will be given a ‘automatic’ pick for that week so they still have a chance of getting some points.

Also please note there will be a spot prize for the weekly winner this time around so don’t forget to get those picks in!!!

We’ve had a couple of inquiries as to what the prizes are as people start to see the finishing line gradually come into view. Here is a reminder as to what they are

* 2 Tickets to a major concert (which is TBC)
* 8GB iPod Nano
* Top 5 DVD’s and Top 5 CD’s

So how have things shaken out? Well it’s all still up for grabs but our collective hats go off to Helen Caird who produced an unbelievably accurate bunch of selections last weekend that would have any bookmaker in the land firmly barring their doors to her! Helen now sits atop the leaderboard.

  • 1) Helen Caird – 225 points
  • 2) Matt Lunson – 205 points
  • 3) Emma Lee – 185 points
  • 4) Conor Hughes – 180 points
  • 5) Chris Cavanagh – 175 points
  • 6) Stephen Moore – 170 points
  • 7) Hashmi Khan – 165 points
  • 8) Aaron Joseph – 160 points
  • 9) Paddy McClean – 140 points
  • 9) Graham Mooney – 140 points