FAO everyone who signed up for Fantasy Cricket!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!

We had a few players sign up for Phoenix Fantasy Cricket this season. Some have been diligent and gotten their picks almost every week. Some have been hit and miss with getting their picks in, while others have fallen off and stopped sending in picks completely.

The leaderboard reflects those trends. However there is another factor to take into account. Yearly Picks.

This is a key factor. While you get 5 points for each correct guess for runs, wickets and catches each week you pick up a whopping 50 points for each correct Yearly Pick. Something that hadn’t crossed our mind in a while until we went to check the latest standings. What a difference those picks made back in April make!!!

So basically the news is this. We will stand by our original pledge to give the top 3 overall the prizes that were advertised at the time. An 8gb i-Pod, Concert Tickets and a CD/DVD bundle will be the top prizes for the top 3 in the Yearly Standings.

However we will also be giving prizes to the top 3 in the Weekly Standings. The Weekly Standings ladder is exactly what it sounds like. It is a table of points accumulated from weekly picks. The Yearly Picks will not count in this table. It is to reward those people who have consistently played the game because, tragically, some of our best weekly pickers had no luck with the yearly picks. While on the other hand some of those who rarely send in selections had superb foresight with the yearly picks.

Here are both sets of standings if the season was to finish today.

Yearly Pick Standings
1) Emma Lee – 480 points
2) Conor Hughes – 460 points
3) Graham Mooney – 440 points

4) Chris Cavanagh – 420 points
5) Jonny Ebbs – 415 points
6) Mike Godwin – 415 points

7) Stephen Moore – 375 points
8) Helen Caird – 350 points
9) Hashmi Khan – 350 points
10) Paddy McClean – 340 points
11) Matt Lunson – 335 points

12) Aaron Joseph – 245 points


Weekly Pick Standings
1) Conor Hughes – 260 points
2) Helen Caird – 250 points
3) Matt Lunson – 235 points

4) Emma Lee – 230 points
5) Stephen Moore – 225 points
6) Chris Cavanagh – 220 points
7) Hashmi Khan – 200 points

8) Aaron Joseph – 195 points
9) Graham Mooney – 190 points
9) Paddy McClean – 190 points
11) Mike Godwin – 165 points
11) Jonny Ebbs – 165 points