First monthly “End Of Round Report”

The season has started well on many levels. We’ve maintained a high level of intensity in our training right from those cold dark mornings back in North County. Our approach has been brilliant and continues to be so.

We’ve also had a massive influx of new players of all grades and ages who have added much to the club already. It’s been great to see the new guys coming in and settling down as a part of the club. As a result there have been huge turnouts at outdoor nets.

There has been great banter between all the players out on the training ground but because there are so many new faces we could still do with mingling more and getting to know each other even better.

This Saturday is a great chance to do so. As well as the 1st X1 game, Heineken Cup & Champion’s League being on we’re going to have our first “End Of Round Report.” This is a quick 1/2 hour wrap up of how each team has got on in the previous weeks. Each captain will nominate 1 player from his/her team to stand up and give everybody else a brief overview of that team’s recent highlighlights, good, bad, funnny or otherwise!

This is simply about us sharing in other Phoenix team’s successes and failures and being part of a club.

Our first monthly report will be in the clubhouse on Saturday at 7pm. After the 1st XI game finishes and before the Champions League Final starts. It won’t take particularly long and I promise it won’t be boring! So hopefully everyone will make an effort to get down and be a part of it. Regardless of whether you’re playing that day or not come along and join in and then we can all have a few drinks and watch the game in the bar afterwards.

C’mon Phoenix!

Matt Lunson

Head Coach