Half Way Report for Phoenix School of Excellence

3 weeks of the programme are now complete, we are now at the halfway point; it is fair to report genuine improvements amongst the children.  In matches it has been noted by managers at both U13 and U11 level the bowling is more accurate, the fielding much more confident and the batting more resilient.  Basically, the significant time practicing has been the key to building confidence with the bowl or bat in hand.

I have observed a number of sessions, which have been well planned, with the children focussing with determined effort.  Not all sessions are as euphoric as others, but the children are thoroughly enjoying the programme and developing better as a result.  Both Matt and Lucky have applied their natural enthusiasm to their coaching method, and with their creativity and their great communication skills they have managed to get the boys and girls to buy into the programme in a very democratic way.  There is time for coaching, for practice, for setting up sessions, for reviewing sessions and for monitoring and assessing performance, and, let’s not forget – there’s plenty of time for FUN!   Head Coach Matt Lunson has the following to say:

“Our inaugural Summer School Of Excellence is already half way through and we’re delighted to report that so far it’s been a great success.
Our 17 participants have been having a fantastic time together and great friendships have been formed.

Perhaps most importantly significant skill improvements have been noted in all the kids.
The advantage of being able to identify a particular ‘work on’ and then have three consecutive days to practice and master the relevant skills has been the major reason for the improvements.

So far the weather has been kind as well!!   We hope for more of the same in August.  Both the coaches and players alike can’t wait for next Tuesday to roll around…..”

If parents have any comments or queries about the School of Excellence so far this summer please address them to me at amaginnis@eircom.net.  At the end of August I wish to review the programme with the Coaches, but critical to that reveiw will be feedback from parents.  So please feel free to comment so that we can develop and improve the School of Excellence for 2015.

Alan Maginnis
Chair of Youth Cricket.