History boards are displayed in the pavilion along with relevant team photographs.  They have been posted on the club’s website so they can be read by anyone with an interest.  They can also be downloaded if anyone should wish to do so.  The history of the club which was founded in 1830 has never been printed in book form and these posters do not pretend to be a serious substitute, rather an accessible display and account of the main events and notes on some of the main cricketers and characters that played the game in Phoenix between 1830 and 1990 and made significant contributions to the development of the club and, in many cases, the game in Ireland (somebody else can bring it up to date!).

Mike Halliday (June 2017)


The Early Years

Charles Lawrence 1828-1916

The ‘Golden Age’ of Cricket

Into The 20th Century

Phoenix Between The Wars

Phoenix 1st XI 1930s-1960s

Phoenix 1st XI 1970s

Phoenix 1st XI 1980s