Ladies -v- Taverners – Match Report

by Conor Dillon

It was time once more for this intra club friendly. Bragging rights at the Fahy dinner table were once more at stake and this was spiced up as Deirdre Fahy became the latest stand in captain with Lisa Kelly still unfit for play. Phoenix Ladies also rested their former Kings Hospital duo with Hannah McGuckin and Vanessa Kelada deployed as umpires. The Taverners agreed that if theLadies lost sufficient wickets they could have a No. 12 batswoman. The twelve ladies were Kasey Ferris, Sile Martin, Deirde Fahy, Kate Voice, Emer Bell, Debbie Chapman, Jannat Adil, Orla Martin, Sarah Mcintosh, Sarah Claire Moore, Faith Hopkins, Michelle Maginnis.

Ferris and Sile Martin added 7 for the first wicket but unfortunately for the Ladies both fell on 3 as Ferris was run out and Sile Martin was caught to give Kelvin Watson a wicket. Deirdre fahy looked relatively composed and managed to occupy the crease for some time before exiting on 12 to give Carroll a wicket. Kate Voice also batted some time until she was bowled by a straight one from Kevin Fahy. Emer Bell sportingly retired on 14 and this left a chance for Debbie Chapman to be the top scoring lady on 18 not out and Jannat Adil also finished undefeated on 10. The Taverners conceded 20 in extras as the Ladies finished on 88 with 4 wickets down and one batswoman retiring.

Captain Fahy rotated the bowling almost as much as the Taverners’ skipper. Some good outfielding got rid of the first two batsmen by a run out with Dalton 5 short of retirement and Carroll only making 4 singles. Tony O’Brien got 20 from 17 balls and Malcolm Cadoo who used to be known as the Taverners’ own Geoff Boycott got 20 from 19 balls. Mark Riordan and Kelvin Watson saw the men through to 92 with Harold MacMillan at number 7 not required to bat.