Right at last we’re off. We’ve had a bit of boasting and all the rest prior to the competition but you’ll soon see it’s not as easy when you’re under pressure to answer.

For the record the questions are designed that 4-6 points will be the average score. 7-8 will be a great score and 9-10 should be nigh on impossible! The point of making the questions difficult is to avoid regular scores of 8-9 out of 10. Anyway we had two locals and two Kiwis in action in our first match ups from either side of the draw

Jim Gallagher v Marc Wells

Question 1: The first Test Match took place in 1877 at which famous venue?

Jim : The Oval?
Marc : Lords I guess.

Answer: MCG
Jim 0-0 Marc

Question 2: He has been involved in cricket commentary from the 1970’s. He is known for his rich English accent and addressing his fellow commentators as ‘Dear old thing’. What is his name?

Jim : Yep. Henry Bloefeld
Marc : Oh I’ve no idea.

Answer: Henry Bloefeld
Jim 1-0 Marc

Question 3: What is the height of a set of cricket stumps?

Jim : Oh I really should know this as an umpire. But I don’t. 2 feet 7 inches I hope
Marc : Is that feet or cms? Eh? 71?

Answer: 28 inches/ 2 feet 4 inches/ 71.1cm
Jim 1-1 Marc

Question 4: Which well known Australian comedian was instrumental in recruitment for Kerry Packers WSC?

Jim : Oh, hmmm, Paul Hogan?
Marc : Eh I really don’t know. Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson?

Answer: Paul Hogan
Jim 2-1 Marc

Question 5: What was famous West Indian bowler Joel Garner’s nickname.

Jim : Big Bird.
Marc : No, I don’t know

Answer: Big Bird
Jim 3-1 Marc

Question 6: The battle of the Alamo took place in which US state?

Jim : Yeah, Texas.
Marc : Texas

Answer: Texas
Jim 4-2 Marc

Question 7: Which edible nut comes from the hickory tree?

Jim : Hickory tree? Ehh, brazil nut?
Marc : I’ll have to guess. Walnut?

Answer: Pecan
Jim 4-2 Marc

Question 8: Richard Bachmann is the pseudonym of which well know author?

Jim : Hmm, no I don’t know. Pass
Marc : Stephen King.

Jim 4-3 Marc

Question 9: Caracas is the capital of which South American country?

Jim : Venezuela
Marc : Venezuela

Answer: Venezuela
Jim 5-4 Marc

Question 10: Paul Malinaggi, Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander are all world champions at which sport?

Jim : Oh, eh, boxing?
Marc : Pff, snooker?

Answer: Boxing
Jim 6-4 Marc

The mighty Jim prevails 6-4 in a close run thing. Can the Kiwis get even in the second game?


Graham Mooney v Phil Keane

Question 1: Pelham Warner’s brother, Aucher, captained which country in Test cricket?

Graham : South Africa?
Phil : Ehh. Ohh. Emm. Ireland?

Answer: West Indies
Graham 0-0 Phil

Question 2: What score was the Bodyline series?

Graham : I should know this. 3-1?
Phil : Was it 3-1?

Answer: 4-1
Graham 0-0 Phil

Question 3: Viv Richards played county cricket for 2 sides. Name either.

Graham : Somerset.
Phil : Eh Somerset and Northants?

Answer: Somerset and Glamorgan
Graham 1-1 Phil

Question 4: Who was Shane Warne’s 700th Test Match victim during the Boxing Day Test 2006?

Graham : I really should know this but I can’t think of it. Collingwood.
Phil : Yep definitely Strauss.

Answer: Andrew Strauss
Graham 1-2 Phil

Question 5: Complete the cricket song/chant. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, if ___ doesn’t get you Thommo must

Graham : Lillie. Dennis Lillie.
Phil : No not a clue.

Answer: Lillie
Graham 2-2 Phil

Question 6: The Mojave Desert can be found on which continent.

Graham : North America
Phil : North American

Answer: North America
Graham 3-3 Phil

Question 7: John Paul Jones and John Bonham were the lesser known members of which legendary 70’s band?

Graham : The lads that did Stairway to Heaven. Oh I can’t think of it. No, it’s gone. Pass
Phil : Don’t know.

Answer: Led Zeppelin
Graham 3-3 Phil

Question 8: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore made up which 80’s movie combo?

Graham : Yeah, The Ghostbusters.
Phil : I haven’t a clue.

Answer: The Ghostbusters
Graham 4-3 Phil

Question 9: Catterick (Bridge) is a venue for which sport in the UK?

Graham : Dogs. Greyhound Racing.
Phil : Eh, golf?

Answer: Horse racing.
Graham 4-3 Phil

Question 10: What is the largest planet in the solar system?

Graham : I’ll guess Saturn?
Phil : Jupiter?

Answer: Jupiter
Graham 4-4 Phil

So Phil equalises in the last minute and takes us to our first tie breaker. They will all be cricket stat related and really obscure. Closest to correct answer wins since no one will ever get one spot on!

Tie Breaker: Michael Vaughn took how many Test Match wickets?

Graham : 9?
Phil : 18?

Answer: 6
Graham wins the Tie Break

So Graham nabs a late win to make it a double Irish win on day one. We’ll be back next time with Fordy v Tyler and Paddy v Aaron.