Mastermind Preview – Matt v Aaron

We’ve had many inquiries into our Phoenix Mastermind Challenge so far but it seems a lot of people want to know what they are letting themselves in for. So to give you all a bit of a preview of what to expect, and also for us to gauge how difficult our questions are or need to be, we have a trial run here. Head coach, Matt Lunson, and Executive Manager, Aaron Joseph, agreed to be our trial horses. Read on to see how they got on!

Phoenix Mastermind 2013 - Trial Run!

Phoenix Mastermind 2013 – Trial Run!

Question 1: Which former Australian Test Match bowler described his bowling style with the phrase ‘I just run up and go wang’?

Matt : Run up and go wang? Hmmm, I’m not sure. Let’s say Craig McDermott.
Aaron : Oh that’ got to be Jeff Thomson.

Answer: Jeff Thomson
Matt 0-1 Aaron

Question 2: In which city is the Test Match venue Basin Reserve?

Matt : Oh that’s in New Zealand. Christchurch.
Aaron : Is it Johannesberg?

Answer: Wellington
Matt 0-1 Aaron

Question 3: Which Pakistani bowler was the first player to take 500 ODI wickets?

Matt : That’s probably pretty recent. I’m thinking the Rawlipindi Express. Oh no wait, of course it’s not. It’s the left armer. Wasim Akram
Aaron : Oh it definitely has to be Wasim Akram.

Answer: Wasim Akram
Matt 1-2 Aaron

Question 4: Which famous England batsman of the 30s, 40s and 50s, who was later knighted, was the first player to be dismissed Obstrcuted the Field in a Test Match.

Matt : Knighted? I’ll have a go and say Sir Leonard Hutton.
Aaron : Oh what was his name. It was something with an ‘H’. Let me think. Hutton

Answer: Sir Leonard Hutton
Matt 2-3 Aaron

Question 5: Name the 3 W’s of West Indies cricket fame.

Matt : Worrell, Weekes and, hmmm, eh, Wormsley?
Aaron : Worrell, Walsh and, eh, pass.

Answer: Frank Worrell, Everton Weekes & Clyde Walcott
Matt 2-3 Aaron

Question 6: What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and finally drowned on December 30, 1916?

Matt : Absolutely no clue.
Aaron : What? I’ve no idea. Pass

Answer: Rasputin (Russia’s greatest love machine)
Matt 2-3 Aaron

Question 7: What is the capital of Serbia?

Matt : Zagreb
Aaron : Belgrade

Answer: Belgrade
Matt 2-4 Aaron

Question 8: Who played the title role in the 1973 movie Papillon?

Matt : Yeah that’s Steve McQueen.
Aaron : Oh what’s his name. Newman. Paul Newman

Answer: Steve McQueen
Matt 3-4 Aaron

Question 9: Who wrote the novel 1984?

Matt : George Orwell.
Aaron : Never heard of it.

Answer: George Orwell
Matt 4-4 Aaron

Question 10: The Walker Cup is a biennially contested event for leading amateur competitors in which sport?

Matt : Walker Cup? Hmm. Golf.
Aaron : I’m going to say golf.

Answer: Golf
Matt 5-5 Aaron

Under competition rules we’d have a tie breaker but we’ll call this one a sporting draw and say thanks to our two contestants for being brave enough to help us out with this trial run. There were a couple of close calls in the incorrect answers for either player.