Hello all playing members and parents. One-on-one coaching sessions continue until the end of the season.

Each session will be 1 hour in duration and are available at the following times.

Times will be allocated on a first come first serve basis but depending on demand and in the spirit of fairness, players may be limited to how many sessions they can avail of each week/month etc.

To book a one-on-one session please call Matt Lunson on 0879753543 or email mattlunson@gmail.com.

A nominal fee of €10 has been agreed by the club and can be paid directly to the coach on the day.

It is vital that you turn up to your session 10 minutes before it is due to commence so you can warm up and be ready to start.

If you are late your session will still end at the usual time. If you book a session but for whatever reason cannot attend please let Matt Lunson know as early as possible so another player can take your slot. If a player is seen to regularly book and then cancel he/she may no longer be able to avail of these sessions.

For any further queries please contact:
Matt Lunson 0879753543
Email: mattlunson@gmail.com.