Positions Vacant – Your Club Needs You!

Greetings to all Phoenix Members,

With the 2012 season closing in upon us work has begun to ensure that everything runs smoothly both on and off the field for all concerned this year. The club has many things to take care of over the course of the season and this year is no exception. The various committees have been working hard on your behalf in preparation for the year ahead and the hard work will go on continuously throughout the season. With the hard work of all our volunteers the club would not be able to function as it does and none of us would have a season to look forward to.

However, even at this stage, there are a couple of key roles which need to be filled. With that in mind we’d like to ask for applications for the following positions outlined below. Remember it is YOUR CLUB and with your help we can keep pushing forward and improving every aspect of Phoenix Cricket Club

(1)Team Secretary:

The Team Secretary is the “go-to” person at Phoenix who is responsible for communicating with captains of both our own club and opposition clubs in the event a senior match is postponed or cancelled. The other match day duty is the organisation of all teas for home fixtures.

The Team secretary will also liaise with other clubs in arranging re-fixes of any postponed or cancelled fixtures.

(2) Captain 4th XI:

It is a select honour to be chosen as a leader for Phoenix Cricket Club. Captains are not only leaders on the field, but we expect that they will be leaders off the field as well.

Captains have added responsibilities as follows:

(a) Maintain an appropriate standard of discipline and ensure players adhere to the Players Code of Behaviour. Captains are the “Custodians of Cricket” and hence are ultimately responsible to the Club and the LCU for the conduct of all players.

(b) Keep the scorebook up-to-date with all statistics, especially catches. Make sure that all information is correctly entered into the LCU on-line results database each week.

(c) Have the necessary equipment (i.e. match balls, scorebook, boundary markers etc.) ready prior to commencement of the game.

(d) Ensure your players attend training and actively participate and liaise with the coaching team to ensure we maximize the coaching being provided.

(e) Encourage your players, their partners, family and friends to support the Club and attend the Club functions.

(f) Attend Selection meetings.


Aidan Chester – aidan.chester@veritas.ie


Helen Caird – hjcaird@hotmail.com

Finally would also like a reminder put on that subs are now due.

Cash flow is vitally important to the Phoenix Cricket Club in the early part of the year as we look to get things up and running. Full or partial payment at this time of the year goes a long way to help us take the pressure off the financial commitments the club must see to prior to every season.