The first week of the School of Excellence was a great success.  17 boys and girls enrolled, which is a great start for what promises to be the single most significant Youth Coaching programme at Phoenix.  Feedback from the children, the parents and the Coaches has been excellent.  Each child is working on specific elements of their game and the Coaches tailor the programme to meet the needs of each child in the group.  In August the School will welcome guest Coaches to run masterclasses.  This will add variety and depth to their learning.

Overall the fun level is really high too, and as Head Coach Matt Lunsun says:  “The boys and girls absorb so much more if they are working in a fun environment.  Smiling faces, high energy and lots of involvement from the children have got the inaugural School off to a great start”.

We would love to get some video of the School in action.  If anyone has a good camera, a steady hand and can edit video we would like to be able to put together a short ‘infomerical’ to help advertise for the 2015 School.  If you can help please contact Alan Maginnis on 087 677 4731.