The teams for this weekends games have been announced by the selection committee

1st X1 v Railway Union

2nd X1 v Railway 2

3rd X1 v Terenure 2

4th X1 v Railway 4

5th X1 v Dundalk 2

Saturday 4th May

Sunday 5th May

Monday 6th May

Sunday 5th May

Saturday 4th May

Venue: Phoenix Park

Venue: Railway Union

Venue: Phoenix Park

Venue: Phoenix Park

Venue: Dundalk

Start Time: 12.30am

Start Time: 12.30am

Start Time: 1.30pm

Start Time: 1.30pm

Start Time: 1.30pm

Notes: Warm Up 11.29am

Notes: Warm Up 11.30am

Notes: Warm Up 12.15am

(Please note earlier time)

Notes: Warm Up 12.30pm

Notes: Meeting at the M1 Applegreen Service Station (northbound) located between Junctions 4 & 5 of the M1 Motorway at 12pm, to drive in convoy to the ground at Dromiskin, Dundalk. Any queries about lifts or the meeting point please email or text your captain Graham Mooney ( / 0879548291 )

1st XI

2nd XI

3rd XI

4th XI

5th XI

Tom Anders

David Ford (c)

Eoin Cleere

Grant White

Graham Mooney (c)

Masud Ahmed

Amit Battan

Bard Ovenden

Ian Anders

Stephen Moore

Conor Kelly (c)

Rory Anders

Chris Cavanagh

Zia Kahn

Alan Maginnis

Riaan Jeggels

Nick James

Nitin Naik

Hashmi Kahn

Dev Dismore

Syed Ali (w)


Phillip Keane

Sayed Shah

Tom Walker

Rory Anders

Jonathon Wardell (w)

Aaron Joseph

Michael Godwin (c)

Mick McDonough (w)

Corie Dickeson

Adam Chester

Mohammad Tayyab

John Anders

Paddy McClean

Sadaf Raza

Marc Wells

Matt Gregg

Sim Singh

Rivendra Singh

Andrew Leonard

Marc G-McKenna

Ben White

Jonathon Ebbs (w)

Naeem Shazad

Steve Davis

Syed Saif

Graham Morris

Willie Clarke

Thomas Stevens

Tyler Balogh

Tyler Balogh

Conrad Jones (c)(w)

Craig Nicholson

James Maginnis

Please text your captain to confirm.

Conor Kelly: 086 3315235

David Ford: 087 2197006

Conrad Jones: 086 8520696

Mike Godwin: 085 745 4461

Graham Mooney: 087 9548291