The Taveners' End of season soiree: Wine and Cheese Evening – Saturday 14th September @ 8pm

We extend a huge Taverner, end of season, welcome for you and your partner to join us to listen, learn, taste and delight in the sensory pleasures of fine wines and locally crafted cheeses.

The Bacchus for the evening, a wine expert from Power & Co. Fine Wines, will be present to educate our palate and present a variety of wines to sample. A cheese board will be provided, to ensure the flavour of the wine is fully experienced.

There will be an opportunity to taste, to pontificate, or simply to enjoy the wines presented. There will be a taste competition, and a raffle to win various grape related prizes. There will be music later – not too loud! – but sufficient to dance, or relax to – but mainly to continue ‘sipping’. Please dress appropriately, the ladies are encouraged to get the best and probably last use of their 2013 summer dresses before putting them away for winter, and the gentlemen should make every effort to compliment the sartorial elegance of their partners. So if the wine seduces the taste buds, and the ladies seduce the eye, all the men must do is behave appropriately!

A great way to end the season.

The cover charge will be €20 per person.

Please confirm your if you wish to attend by return email or by text, we need to ensure there is sufficient wine to be tasted!
Please e-mail Alan Maginnis on

Captain of Taverners 2013