Hi all, for the next few weeks at least, Senior Men’s training will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm. We are coming to an important part of the season and it is crucial that everybody keeps their skills sharp after having made such a positive start to the year. This will enable players to train extra nights should they want to, have a longer net each time and get more attention from the coaches. Finally, the greater flexibility leaves little reason for anyone not to be seen at training at least once a week. Even when it’s raining on a Tuesday!

To achieve any real success as a team or individual it’s essential that you and your teammates spend the time to work on your game and be as ready as possible come match day. The 1st X1, as an example, will still be expected to train together as a group on Tuesdays but a 2nd or 3rd session can be completed whichever night suits the individual player. Grab a bunch of mates off your team, pick a night, get up to the club and get working. Fridays might even include a beer and some Euro action!

Myself and Jan, (The Club Pro) will be around each evening to help you work on whatever part of your game needs attention but it is up to every individual to take responsibility for their own game. Looking forward to seeing you on whichever night suits you best.

Go Phoenix!

Matt Lunson