Phoenix School of Excellence 3

We are into the second week of the School of Excellence and the turnout from our Youths is great.  Despite the variable weather we have had much more outdoor time than you might think.  Some excellent batting, bowling and fielding drills, evolving as the week progresses, are really helping stretch the children; all done in a fun atmosphere.  Our Coaching staff are prepared for the changeable weather – for any extended ‘indoor time’ they are equipped with audio-visual materials to educate our ‘cricket-loving’ pupils.  Vanessa Kaleda, Phoenix’s only Typhoons player, has been added to the coaching team given the number of girls attending.   After this week we break for 2 weeks as the ground has been given over to Leinster training squads and of course we host our International T20 cricket visitors.   We’re back for 3 more weeks starting Monday 27th July.  You are welcome to send your child between the ages of 11 and 15 to any or all of the remaining weeks.

Just email with your preferences and I will ensure you are enrolled (

Alain Magginis

Chair, Youth Cricket