by Conor Dillon

Your correspondent is not a natural early riser and so he travelled up to Derry on Friday evening and enjoyed the entertainment in the City hotel before retiring at 11.30. He did not leave the hotel until close to 11.00 am the following morning but still managed to beat the Phoenix team to the ground. The members at Brigade were cordial hosts but the weather was not conducive to cricket and the two teams were left hanging around to see if the ground would dry. The Phoenix team were without the two Anders and Eoin Cleere but still contained five players in the under 17 age bracket. The eleven was Captain David Ford, wicket keeper Jonathan Wardell, M D Masud Ahmed, Emmanuel “Lucky” Peterson, Nitin Naik, Sayed Shah, Adam Chester, Devon Dismore, Ben White, Mark Gibson McKenna, Sim Singh. It was regrettable that none of the Phoenix grey eminences or alicadoos were able to make the trip north but their caution proved justified when the match was abandoned at 2.35. After a nice tea there were words of welcome from a representative of the hosts to which Captain Ford responded politely and quickly. Thanks to Jonathan Wardell who drove your correspondent home and let us all hope for better weather on the 25th.