Cricket Since 1830

Phoenix teams take part in competitions organised by Cricket Ireland and Cricket Leinster at all levels of the sport – Open Competitions, Women’s Competitions and Youth (Boys & Girls) There are also Social (Taverners) Teams and Indoor Cricket in the off-season.


1: Play in Division One, Captained by Adam Chester
2: Play in Division Three, Captained by Stephen Black
3: Play in Division Six, Captained by Graham Morris
4: Play in Division Nine, Captained by Mike Godwin
5: Play in Division Twelve, Captained by Emmet Staunton
6: Play in Division Seventeen, Captained by Dhanush Nadil


1XI: Play in Division One, Captained by Ali Keenan and Georgina Dempsey
2XI: Play in Division Four, Captained by Olivia Fox-Gill


Taverners – Play Social Cricket, Captained by Paddy Keating


Mixed Teams – Cubs, Minors
Boys and Girls Teams – Juniors, Colts, Under 19s