Our Youth Managers play a vital role for Phoenix Cricket Club, overseeing and supporting all of our youth fixtures. They link the players, coaches and parents – and are invaluable ensuring that everyone’s season goes well.

We support our Youth Managers through good communication, training and providing as much cricket support as possible. We are always looking for more Youth Managers, in particular parents who would like to get involved and support our sessions.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Alan Maginnis or 087 677 4731

Alan Maginnis
Alison Todd
Aidan O’Byrne
Graham Morris
Niall Sugrue
Nigel Thomson
Mark Gargan
Tony Wall
Collie Byrne
Tom Scully
Emmet Staunton
James Short
Neeraj Kumar Singh
Olivia Fox Gill
Shabahat Shah